Corporate Social Responsibility

FOGL believes in a practical and open approach to its Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR programme is focussed on doing the right thing, as well as managing risk, and investing sustainably in the community in which we operate. Our investment decisions carefully take into account environmental and social impacts and how such impacts are best managed for all stakeholders. Our operations should not compromise the wellbeing of current or future generations. This responsible behaviour is a key element for our long-term business success.

For FOGL this means:

  • Acting with respect for people, communities and the environment
  • Acting honestly and openly with all stakeholders, respecting fully the rule of law and human rights
  • Contributing to development goals of the Falkland Islands
  • Integrating sustainability and CSR into our strategy, planning, implementation and management systems
  • Providing clear public reporting on our management systems and performance

In the Falklands FOGL has worked closely with its two operating partners Noble Energy and Premier Oil on the preparation of a number of detailed Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). These statements have been approved by the Falkland Islands Government.

FOGL is committed to maintaining high standards of health, safety, environmental and social performance (HSES) across all its oil and gas exploration and development operations. To achieve this we will:

  • As an integral part of our business, identify, assess and manage the HSES risks to people, the environment and assets in order to avoid adverse direct or indirect effects from our operations.
  • Ensure that our operations comply, as a minimum, with applicable health, safety, environmental and social laws and regulations, as well as best practicable industry standards.
  • Maintain high ethical standards in carrying out business activities.
  • Provide necessary leadership and resources to enable effective HSES management throughout our organisation.
  • Prevent and minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of HSES performance through the setting of objectives and targets and focused auditing, reviews and external benchmarking.
  • Select competent staff, contractors and suppliers to manage and support the business.
  • Ensure that a high priority is placed on emergency preparedness and contingency planning, and that any plans are tested regularly to ensure that any incidents are responded to in a timely and effective manner.
  • Foster a culture where accidents, incidents and near misses are reported and investigated, and the lessons learned are shared.
  • Consult with and respond to the concerns of our stakeholders on our health, safety, environmental and social performance.
  • Ensure that this policy is: - clearly displayed in all FOGL premises and operational sites, provided to all contractors, and made publicly available.
  • The Company's Directors, employees and contractors have a responsibility for maintaining high HSES standards and this Policy will be used to guide their activities.