Corporate Social Responsibility

FOGL believes in a practical and open approach to its Corporate and Social Responsibility.  It is about doing the right thing, as well as managing risk, and investing sustainably in the community in which we operate.  Our investment decisions carefully take into account environmental and social impacts and how such impacts are best managed for all stakeholders. Our operations should not compromise the wellbeing of current or future generations. This responsible behaviour is a key element for our long-term business success.

For FOGL this means:

  • Acting with respect for people, communities and the environment
  • Acting honestly and openly with all stakeholders, respecting fully the rule of law and human rights
  • Contributing to development goals of the Falkland Islands 
  • Integrating sustainability and corporate responsibility into our strategy, planning,  implementation and management systems
  • Providing clear public reporting on our management systems and performance


FOGL has prepared a number of detailed Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in support of its operations. For example in 2012, FOGL prepared an EIS, after extensive consultation with stakeholders, on the 2012 drilling campaign. This included publishing the EIS summary and holding a public meeting in Stanley in September 2011. The EIS was approved by the Falkland Islands Government and FOGL received positive feedback from both the government and stakeholders.As part of its environmental plan, FOGL routinely employs marine mammal and seabird observers on seismic vessels and drilling rigs to enhance knowledge of local wildlife and monitor potential impacts from operations. 

Oil spill response plans for the 2012 drilling programme were approved by the Falkland Island Government and have been made available for public inspection. 

The 2012 drilling programme, which entailed the drilling of two deep-water exploration wells, was conducted safely, without incident and with no environmental impact.

Examples of previous FOGL/Desire environmental submissions:

2012 Environment Impact Statement (908 Kb PDF)

2009 Desire Environment Impact Statement Addendum (4.48 Mb PDF)

2009 Desire Non-Technical Summary Addendum  (346 Kb PDF)

2005 Desire Environmental Impact Assessment (5,056 Kb PDF)

2005 Desire Environmental Impact Assessment Non-technical Summary (454 Kb PDF)